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Terms of service

This document defines the relationship between web site (hereinafter – and users of the site (hereinafter user). By using this site, you automatically accept all rules defined in this document.

Each survey on the site consists of two parts: questionnaire and results. The questionnaire was designed for the respondents to fill out surveys and the results are partially statistically analyzed answers.
Private survey is a survey that is not possible to find using site search, and that is not visible on any page of the site – in other words, hidden from the site visitors. All surveys from the site that are not private, in the domain of this document we will call public.

Links of questionnaires, or results of private surveys can be published on any website or sent via e-mail (only in a way that is not considered as sending junk mail – SPAM) ONLY by their authors for the purpose of their own research.

Links of questionnaires, or results of public surveys can be published anywhere without limits, or sent via e-mail, but only in ways that are not considered sending junk mail (SPAM).

The results of public surveys can be published anywhere with reference to the source (name of the site and link to it).

The results of private surveys may be released and published only by their authors without limits.

Content of the site is made by its users by creating or filling out surveys. Website takes no responsibility for the content authored by site visitors or other persons who does not represent site

Site Content is owned by, particularly surveys, research procedures, sampling model, the results of research and analysis.

It is prohibited to use any part of the content of in commercial purposes (unless permitted by, except for personal use.

It is forbidden to create content (by creating surveys, leaving comments or filling out surveys), which represents, supports, or leads to hate speech, intolerance, personal, national, religious intolerance, which contains profanity, insults, humiliations, provocation or other offensive material. remains the right to remove such content. can limit access to the site to users who do not act according to the rules of this document, or for any other reason for which believes to be negative for other users.

Users of are obliged to regularly read the terms of service document, and it is assumed that users who are continually using the site, or any part of it, are at any time familiar with the current terms of use, and that is understood in its entirety.

No part of the site should be used for illegal purposes or to promote them.

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