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Can I make a web survey using the site TVOJ STAV?

Yes, TVOJ STAV is a service that allows anyone with Internet access to make an online survey for it's own needs.

What I need to do in order to create a web survey?

You need to register to site TVOJ STAV. After registration and login to the system, in the main menu you will see a new item, "Your workshop". There you can manage your surveys (creating, deleting, viewing the results).

How do I register to the site?

The registration consists of two steps: selecting the password and activation. In the upper right corner of the screen is a link "Sign Up". When you click on it, you can choose your password and e-mail address to which you will receive an activation link and the instructions how to activate your account.

I didn't receive the E-mail with activation link, even I have specified my e-mail address. Why?

You may have specified the wrong e-mail address. If you are sure that the address is correct, check if your e-mail message have arrived in the mailbox with junk mail (SPAM).

How do I sign in on TVOJ STAV?

In order to sign in on the site, you must be a registered user. If you are already registered, click on the link "Sign in" in the upper right corner, enter your e-mail address and password in the related fields and press ENTER. The sistem will check your data and log you in if the credentials are correct.

What are public and private surveys?

A public web survey is any survey you can get to using the site search and which is visible on any page of the site - therefore can be filled out by random visitor of TVOJ STAV. Public web surveys are also sent to all our respondents who are in our e-mail list. Surveys that are hidden from site visitors and created by authors for their own private research are called private.

I have created a web survey and I don't know what to do next?

Once you've created a survey that contains one or more questions, check how it will look to your respondents (click on the link "How this web survey looks?"). When you are sure that there are no typos or logical mistakes - activate the web survey by clicking the icon with a green triangle (play button). After activation you can send it's link to your respondents. If you have created a survey without checking the box "This survey is private", it will appear on the home page of TVOJ STAV and every visitor will be able to fill it out. Also, the questionnaire link will be sent to all our respondents from the e-mail list.

I have sent the web survey link via e-mail/published it on a site, but I'm not getting responses. Why?

Make sure you have activated the web survey. If the survey is actived, make sure you send the correct link to your respondents. If you are sure that the link is correct, that means that no one has filled out the questionnaire.

The Search: How can I find public surveys that were once on the front page of TVOJ STAV, and now they are gone?

At the top of the screen is a search field. After entering a keyword / keywords, press ENTER and wait for the search results.

What is Variable?

Variable is a class of phenomena or characteristics that change and appear in at least two modalities. According to its function in a particular study, it can be dependent or independent. A question in a web survey can have at least one variable.