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Create your own web surveys

The website helps you create your online surveys.

Unlike traditional "paper" surveys, web surveys significantly shorten the time required for finding the sample (target group of respondents), collect responses and analyse them statistically.

Online surveys is a kind of web forms with one or more questions used to gather respondents' answers. All responses are kept in a database in electronic format which allows their fast statistical analysis. Online surveys can contain one or more questions (in the FREE package/ plan you can create up to five survey questions) that may be of different types depending on the question. For example, if you want to ask respondents how tall they are, you will use a question of type "Numeric entry", or if you want to ask a multiple-choice questions, you will select the type "One of the multiple-choice questions" etc. ...

After you have finished defining the questions activated your survey, you will receive a link (unique link - there are no two surveys with the same link) that you can forward to a group of people you want to interview by e-mail, posting a link on your web site, facebook wall, etc ...

TVOJ STAV is not only a tool for creating online surveys, but also for their statistical analysis. After you send your link to your subjects, you can monitor in real time how many of them aswered your survey.

What types of questions we provide?
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Our site is constantly evolving - some new types of questions coming soon!
Login to the site and create surveys for free - however with certain restrictions. For a serious research, we also offer commercial packages that you can find at the Plans page.